Hyperlinks in rich text editor

Hi, I'm investigating how hyperlinks are stored inside the rich text editor.
The <a> tag generated always includes a target=_blank attribute, meaning the links will always be open in a new tab.

I can also see there are no options to configure the link attributes.

Any advice on how to proceed? Of course, I could add a script to amend the HTML using the change event, but it feels like an overkilling solution, and I'd also have to implement it every time I use a rich text editor, unless I create a custom component.

Is there any way to have this attribute as an option in the rich text editor?


can u try this to see if it works?

@AnsonHwang I tried that, and it's not changing the attributes returned by the rich text editor.

Hi @Javier_Cobos it doesn't look like there is a native way to do this currently :disappointed: I'll make a feature request to add this though!