Hubspot integration documentation is missing

Hi, the Hubspot integration does not have corresponding documentation page.
From the integration page, the documentation page links to but that link return a 404 (not found).

I'm facing issue with that integration; Every time I refresh the page of an app that use that integration, I'm being asked to re-auth to Hubspot.


Hey there, thanks for reaching out :wave: I let our docs team know that page is down, appreciate you pointing that out! As for the issue you are experiencing, this is a know bug and is currently in our triage process. If you exit out of the auth prompt you should remain authenticated, the bug is with this auth check. I just tied that bug report to this thread so that you can be updated when progress is made :slightly_smiling_face:


Reaching out to update you on this bug :wave: A fix has been shipped, however, this fix only addresses the issue for newly created HubSpot resources. The root cause of this issue has been fixed, but the old HubSpot resources will still have this popup as the issue is baked into the resource's settings in our DB. Our engineering team is working on a database migration that will update the settings of and extend the fix to all existing HubSpot resources, but that may take some time -- wanted to update you on the current progress :+1:

Hi @lauren.gus the page Page not found ( appears to be down.

Hey there @kellerbaum! Thanks for reaching out here to let us know -- That is no longer a live link, our Hubspot docs are still in the works :+1:

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When will the HubSpot docs be available? Still can't find any..

@ffxbauer @kellerbaum @rferland

Hey all :wave: The docs team just added Hubspot Integration docs here :rocket: