How to use the editable table feature with Firebase

The editable table feature has to work a bulk query, i.e. a query that’s able to change many columns and many rows, all at once! this works easily with our sql integration since we have an explicit bulk update option, but for firebase we’ll need to do a little more work.
we’ll need three queries:

  1. fetchCollection: get our data from firebase
  2. updateSingleRow: a firebase query to update a single row
  3. bulkUpdateRows: a JS query to loop thru every updated row and call the updateSingleRow query
    here’s what they look like:

    here’s the JS code for bulkUpdateRows:
    return Promise.all( => updateSingleRow.trigger({ additionalScope: { _id: record._id, changeSet: _.omit(record, ['__metadata', '_id']), } }) ) )
    note that we setup fetchCollection to run after bulkUpdateRows, so that our table refreshes with the new data after we update it!
    once you have the bulkUpdateRows query, you can follow the rest of our editable table instructions here!

" the rest of our editable table instructions here!" – this is 404.

I think this is the correct link

@abdul-nimeri can you provide guidance on doing this with Firebase Database. But instead of pushing all of the data I only want to push the update for the single row. Right now I’m doing it indirectly, but would like to have the table update