How to use selectedRow in TabbedContainer/View


  • I have a tabbedContainer with 8 `Views.
  • Each View contains a Table with the records that correspond to a specific Stage.
  • When a record is selected, I want the filter the "details" to display only the information related to the selected record in the table.

The variable for accomplishing this for ONE table is clear - {}

How can I accomplish the same thing for a selected row in a specific view in a tabbed container? I expected "selectedRow" to be an option here, such that the variable would look like {}


Grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction.


I'm confused, why not just reference each table as you mention? Like: {{ }}

So it would be:
{{ }}
{{ }}


I'm not aware of a way to access the table data through the tabbedContainer component.

Thanks for responding @benbarry.

Here is a screenshot that hopefully illustrates what I am trying to accomplish.

I think I understand. So, you only want to filter based on one of the tables in the tabbed container at a time? Whichever one is in the currently active tab?

I think you'd need to do some kind of logic like this:

{{ tabbedContainer1.currentViewKey == "Connect" ? : }}

Or, since you have so many tabs, I'd probably do a transformer with a switch statement to return the value for the active table you're interested in. Something like:

switch ({{ tabbedContainer1.currentViewKey }}) {
  case "All":
    return {{ }};
  case "New":
    return {{ }};
  case "Connect":
    return {{ }};
    return [];

Thanks @benbarry this worked perfectly!