How to save signature to document to generate a PDF with the signature?

Hi any chance to save a signature as image and put it in document to generate a PDF file?


so when user click send signature it should go to document and generate a pdf with the signature image.

thank you

Hey agaitan026,

If you save .value of the signature you can load it within the image element as it is stored as base64 string.

See the attached example:

To download the .pdf you can attach a event handler with "Run script" using utils.downloadPage.

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Thank you for the answer, but how it applies with document? I don't need the export pdf retool tool. What i think if it's possible to auto save the signature image of S3 and I extract the upload url and pass it Tru document rest API? Is that possible?


Not sure how the API you mention works, you can pass the image of the signature to it.

Maybe someone has a similar use case that can chime in.

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No but it's possible to make that? I mean if I click upload signature Button to upload to S3 the signature image automatically?

In that way I can pass the S3 image url to the rest API without issues

Maybe this document will help.

yeah i have that working, but i need to upload automatically without adding a s3 upload button, so when i click upload signature it should only save the signature image (plus saving some things in a database) you know what i mean?

Maybe using the S3 connected resource, you can on action run a query to pass the value of the signature i.e.

In this case you wouldn't need the s3 component.

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good alternative, i will try that and let you know, thank you

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but then how i can save that signature as a image in s3?

Best reach out to someone from support as I do not have an active s3 instance to test this one :slight_smile:

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Just tested and works I had to put content type as image jpg and works

Thank you

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