How to return to current page after updating a table?

Can anybody help me with this?

After I update a table that I am using pagination and with success event handlers ".refresh()", the table refreshes to page 1 instead of, for example, page 10 where I made the change to a row.

How can I make it go back to the page I was before making the change?

Thanks a lot!

You can store yourTableName.pagination.currentPage in a temp var and then get it back after refresh and set the page with that value


Thanks @ScottR for the suggetions. I am new to Retool - do I do that using variable JS?

If not, where do I add that js?

Create a Temporary variable and name it whatever you want with no initial value.
Then after you have successfully updated the table you can Add A Success Event handler, choosing run script and add:

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