How to log out of OAuth API?

There is a component for OAuth login but no component for logout. Right now it seems like there is only a roundabout way to do this:

  1. Ask user to visit the resource page and find OAuth token debug page and hit the "Revoke" buttons
  2. And ask the user to visit the /logout page for the Oauth service

This is really not great and difficult to ask end user to do. And ideally a normal end user should not even have access the resource settings page.

Could you advise on a user friendly way to log out of OAuth? This is especially needed if the user logged into the wrong account and need to re-login to a different one.

Hi @xinlu

Thanks for writing in! Unfortunately, there is currently no way to do this in Retool (aside from the poor method you mentioned). I'll move this post over to the Feature Request section!

Is there any update on this feature request? This seems like really basic functionality. We've run into the need for this repeatedly.