Custom Authentication - how to Log out?

- Goal:

Ability to erase the OAUTH2_TOKEN when the end user wants to disconnect from the App

- Steps:

  1. Ressource Setup
  • "Custom Auth resource" created that allow connexion to an external API
  1. App Setup
  • Use the Auth Login button to authenticate using the previous ressource
    • image

- Details:
3. next Steps

  • create a query that will erase the content of the OAUTH2_TOKEN defined by the ressource.
    I didn't managed to find the scope on the resource variable....

Hey Deparis!

Thanks for reaching out about managing OAuth2 token erasure in your Retool app. I've looked into this, and it turns out Retool currently doesn't have a built-in mechanism to directly erase tokens upon app logout. This would effectively invalidate the token on the server side, even though it might still be present in Retool's memory temporarily.

Feature Request:

I'm also happy to create a feature request for token erasure functionality in Retool. To make the request as impactful as possible, please share additional details about your use case and the benefits you envision this feature would bring.

I'm committed to working with you to find the best possible solution within Retool's current capabilities. Feel free to share any further information that might help us identify the most suitable approach.

Thanks for your understanding and collaboration!