How to know the in public using react-retool finish loading

I want to handle loading when url retool finish loading. The screen always white and must to wait a few second to see the page public finish loading. How I can add loading when click url.

Dear @Phu_Doan,

I can empathize with your concerns, having also experienced similar speed-related problems on Retool. For instance, you can observe this issue through my experiences detailed in the threads below:
Opening Retool public app start with GRAY background
Choose an outbound region for DATABASES

These threads, as well as yours, all focus on the speed-related aspects. It's becoming increasingly apparent that the loading speed of Retool's pages significantly affects its users' experiences. The initial gray or white screens during loading periods impact our workflow, which is something that needs to be addressed by Retool.

I firmly believe that as a community, raising our collective voice on this matter could effect essential changes. An upgrade in Retool's loading speed is not just a luxury, but a crucial necessity. We hope that Retool will take our feedback into account, as enhancing speed has now become a high priority on our lists.

Thank your for bringing up this problem, and let's continue this dialogue to get Retool's attention on this matter.


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Total agree with you, an upgrade in Retool's loading speed is necessary. And thank you for sharing.

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Hey @PatrickMast and @Phu_Doan

I'm an engineer working on performance at Retool, and I agree with you, Retool needs to load faster.

Over the past 3 months, we've decreased page load time by 20%. We've worked on things like trimming the size of network requests, and better parallelizing app loading. This is on top of the performance improvements we shipped earlier in the year, including the new Retool runtime.

We still have more optimizations planned for the rest of 2023. This work is important to me personally, and Retool strategically.

Hope this helps,


Thank you @PeteTheHeat! :pray:

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Thank you @PeteTheHeat!