How to join two tables?

Hej, I'm trying to make table that combines the data from two sources.

SELECT  * FROM claimedreward JOIN campaign ON claimedreward.campaignId =

But the table show nothing at all.. the only thing it says is 'the selected data source is empty or could not be converted to an array.'

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @skroyer,

does query8 return the data that you want? Check the actual output of

Also when updating columns in the query you'll have to sometimes hit the refresh button on the columns settings of the table (In your screenshot, Columns -> the two arrows.

Let me know

To rule out a simple oversight, have you run query8? I've encountered empty table data issues before when the query isn't triggered to run (or manually has the Run button clicked on the query setup). Usually, I've previewed but forgotten to save/run to get the data into my app.

I just checked and it used the wrong resource

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