How to insert a new row between existing rows in listview

I have figured out how to add and delete a row from a listview. What I want next is to be able to insert a row in between other existing rows e.g inserting a row b/w 1st and 2nd row.
How might I go about this?

Hey @retool_taleemabad!

Would you mind sharing how you're adding/deleting rows?

Since listviews are based on arrays it can be helpful to use one of the patterns mentioned here. One example, is to have an event handler that sets a tempstate to a new value based on the index you want to insert the row at. The following, for example, works to insert an items above the current index in the listview:

Your case will likely differ though! If you can us know what you already have I can try and share an example that might fit better :slightly_smiling_face: