How to debug cached queries?

Hello, we are facing an issue with the caching feature:
In our application we are using an external API that is constraint with a maximum number of request, for example 1000 requests per month.

So, for that we tried to used the Caching in Retool feature with a TTL of 12h like this:


Unfortunately, it appears that the API was still requested even with the cache enabled. We can see that the number of requests on the API dashboard has increased for around the same amount of time we manually triggered the query with the Run button.

The query does not have any input, so the cached result should normally be the same.

How can we investigate further for this issue ?

Are these api requests exactly identical?

Yes the API requests requests are identical, it's only a HTTP GET request with static query params.

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Hey @aturiot, You could check to confirm that you have the Cache queries across all users setting toggled on under Organization Settings -> Advanced. If that setting is toggled on, then I would suggest you reach out to us in support directly so we can help you troubleshoot this :slightly_smiling_face:

@minijohn thank you for enquiring whether these requests are exactly the same :raised_hands:

Hello guys, just here to say that we are not facing this issue anymore. So this thread can be closed :slight_smile: