How to copy column values (calculated column) to another column of selected rows

The idea is to update a column "Applied" by copying the values of column "Required" based on selected rows only. I'm fairly new to Retool and can't seem to figure out how to go about this.

I've tried the Key value pairs but it seems it only copies from one row and applies it to all:


Thanks a lot!

The screenshot of the query needs more context for me, is it a Bulk Upsert?

It looks like maybe the update K/V pair is just the reco_val? is that an array?

Side note, you can simplify your filter function with lodash (ReTool embeds it for you)

dry_tbl.selectedRowKeys.filter(function(item){return(typeof item === "number")})

can become

_.filter(dry_tbl.selectedRowKeys, _.isNumber)

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