How to convert the date format of the date range component


I have added a date range component that i will be using the value for in a oracle sql statement.

The date format in the DB is dd-MON-yy e.g 21-FEB-22

But the date format of the date range component is yyyy-mm-dd e.g. 2022-02-21

I have tried converting the date using the following:

created_at between to_char({{LogDate.value.start}}, 'dd-MON-yy') and to_char({{LogDate.value.end}}, 'dd-MON-yy')

But get the error below:

Invalid Number

This is the SQL that is output:

created_at between to_char(2022-02-16, 'dd-MON-yy') and to_char(2022-02-17, 'dd-MON-yy')"

Can anybody offer some advice?

Is there a way you can specify the format of the componet? you can here:


but that just changes the display format.



All good.

Sorted it

created_at between to_char(to_date({{LogDate.value.start}}, 'yyyy-mm-dd'), 'dd-MON-yy') and to_char(to_date({{LogDate.value.end}}, 'yyyy-mm-dd'), 'dd-MON-yy')