How to capture date range in deep link with the new date range component


I'm having some problems capturing the start and end value properties from the upgraded date range component. The use case is to store them as the StartDate and EndDate URL hash parameter values.

The first image shows the URL setup using the old date range component (named DateRangeFilter). The second image shows the setup using the upgraded date range component. I can only find the DateRange.value property and am not sure why the startValue and endValue properties are missing. :thinking:

Please let me know which part I get wrong. Thank you for the help!!

Not sure what you want to achieve here:
When the page loads, do you want to read the start and end dates?
Do you want the date range field to set start and end dates in the URL? (Note that I don't see a way of separating the start and end date when "Connect properties on the page to values in the URL")

Hi @ScottR,

Sorry for the confusion.
What I want to do is to get the start value and end values set in the date range component as the URL parameters, so that I can create a deep link to store the page loading status. For example, if I select the date range component to be 2022-05-01 to 2022-05-04. I want to use the values in the URL: https://domain_name/apps/dashboard#EndDate=2022-05-04&StartDate=2022-05-01.
The problem I have is that the date range component doesn't have any property to show the start value (2022-05-01) and end value (2022-05-04).


Does that work? I entered start and end dates in dateRange2 and set params