How to cancel an annual subscription before it gets closer to the expiration date

Hi! I contacted the support email about canceling my annual subscription with the educational program. I was told that it can only be changed once it gets closer to the end of my subscription. I will likely not have access to my educational email that the Retool account is created with by that time. I am very worried because it is going to be a couple of thousands for the annual renewal, and I won't have any means to cancel it without the email.

Is there a way I can cancel the plan or delete the account right now? Thank you.

Hi @Jiaqi_Qian, I'm happy to help you with your concern! :slightly_smiling_face:
I looked into your account and I see that your plan was successfully cancelled on December 19th, 2023. I also see that there are no future invoices for your account. Please send me a direct message if you would like to know more details about your account.