How to add Footer in retool

How can we add fotter in retool, since header is given by default and I want to add fotter in retool in same alignment with the header.

I don't believe there is a footer component available.

You could build a module and drag that on to the canvas for each app and in to the main section.

But footer will not be in alignment with the header as main part is somewhat shifted in compare to header

Hi @ishi8, Currently there's no footer equivalent to the header frame :slightly_frowning_face: Would you mind changing this to a feature request?

Yes please, it's an important component

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Any news on this? I'm also in the need of a footer.

Thanks! :pray:

Hey @PatrickMast, this isn't currently on our roadmap but I've passed along your interest internally and I'll be sure to update this post if the team adds a footer frame. Thank you for sharing for your feedback here!

Thank you @everett_smith!

@everett_smith Is it in the roadmap yet :face_holding_back_tears: ?

@Sindi_Ramadani @PatrickMast @ishi8 I still don't have a timeline for a bespoke Footer Frame. But when only one component occupies the canvas you can now toggle an "Expand content to fit" setting on the Main canvas, and that component will fill the screen.

This allows you to effectively wrap your app in a container and therefore use the footer and header of a container for the whole app to more closely mimic a Footer frame. Hopefully this may help to meet your requirements in the meantime!