Footer, Chatbox profile image and Cookie policy

Hi Retool

Some background:
I am currently creating a chatbot using Retool AI and the Chatbox component. My current use case involves setting open my app to the public. I do this by using the share button with the business license.

Feature 1: Footer Frame

We got header, main, sidebar, etc... but no footer. This looks like a logical thing to have when creating web apps. Specially when creating public facing apps.
Currently I have a workaround by using the container component and its header and footer add-ons. I got the idea from How to add Footer in retool - #10 by everett_smith

Feature 2: Chatbox Image

I want to be able to modify the image of the AI within the chatbox. I can fully modify the user and only modify the name from the AI.

CleanShot 2023-11-16 at 15.22.46

Feature 3: Cookie policy

I am currently situated in Belgium. Europe has regulations on data and all that. To be GDPR compliant a lot has to be done. A cool feature would be an automated cookie banner when sharing public links.