Footer, Chatbox profile image and Cookie policy

Hi Retool

Some background:
I am currently creating a chatbot using Retool AI and the Chatbox component. My current use case involves setting open my app to the public. I do this by using the share button with the business license.

Feature 1: Footer Frame

We got header, main, sidebar, etc... but no footer. This looks like a logical thing to have when creating web apps. Specially when creating public facing apps.
Currently I have a workaround by using the container component and its header and footer add-ons. I got the idea from How to add Footer in retool - #10 by everett_smith

Feature 2: Chatbox Image

I want to be able to modify the image of the AI within the chatbox. I can fully modify the user and only modify the name from the AI.

CleanShot 2023-11-16 at 15.22.46

Feature 3: Cookie policy

I am currently situated in Belgium. Europe has regulations on data and all that. To be GDPR compliant a lot has to be done. A cool feature would be an automated cookie banner when sharing public links.

Hello @Usman_Shani ,

Thank you for your questions.

I'll respond to each feature request/question:

  1. Retool still does not have a built-in Footer, however personally I rarely see this used in public web pages so I don't think it's a high priority to build into Retool at this time.

  2. This is a great feature request! I can see how many Developers may want a Custom avatar or this type of functionality to provide a better end user experience. I have submitted a request for this feature and articulated the value for our Dev community.

  3. As for the Cookie banner, I can submit a request, but a workaround could be fairly straightforward.

Create a banner in an App and you can enable or disable the URL based on {{!urlparams.href.includes("public")}}

Also, feel free to check out the example in the JSON file attached to this message, you can import to your Retool IDE and check out the example.

GDPR banner.json (47.5 KB)

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