How I create ui:widget with JSON input?

I am trying to build a JSONSchema form one of the fields of it a JSON input. I've created the form manually OK, but can't find a way to do it with json schema.

Hey @mlerman!

Taking a look at the available types for JSONSchema forms I'm not sure it supports a JSON input type. If you have an example of one that does from outside of Retool I can look into why it might not be working in your app.

Otherwise, would it be possible to use a separate component to have your user enter JSON data? Curious to know more about your use case!

The problem is that if the property is undefined or null it shouldn't be a part of the sent payload. The way setup works now the properties of the json are set to "" empty string if the value of the input is empty.
BTW why jsonEdit component is not part of the form?