Are JSON SCHEMA FORM filed values read only

Am I able to populate data in a JSON SCHEMA FORM? This doesn't seem to work: = 'value'
I would like to use the form for editing, so pre-populating the fields is kind of important. :slight_smile:

Hey @brettski! Sorry for the delay here. You can set the default values for a JSON Schema Form in the component inspector:


So if you wanted to set those dynamically, you might use:

    "username": {{ value }}

Does that help?

I will try this with the next form I build. Being two months ago I don't recall which app it was for any longer :slight_smile:

I just looked at one of my forms I recall loads data, so I did figure it out. I am not using the "Default Form Data" field in that manor. I have a tendency to figure stuff out using code first, then hacking it through UI using handlebars {{}}, as a last resort.

What I am doing is somewhat the same. I build an object with the field names and values from where ever, like you did above, though a JS object. then set the data in the form using jsonSchemaForm.setData() method.

for example:
Lets assume at least these three fields exist in the jsonSchemaForm. In many instances I may only populate a subset of the fields.

// snip
const myData = {
  username: 'Brettski',
  password: 'secure',
  birthday: birthdayValueFromSomewhere,

Nice, looks good! We're going to be updating over the next few weeks so things should be more up to date. We're also going to work on better docs for forms, because they're pretty popular :blush: