How do I use getstream library in a component?

Hi, I'm trying to use the getstream api in a retool page.

I've added the library to the "scripts and styles"

But it doesn't detect the following file in the code. Even though it is the minified version from cdn.

I've added libraries at the application level before and used them but this one isn't working for some reason and I can't figure out why. Help please?

Hi @Irfan :wave: thanks for reaching out with this! Would you be able to advise whether or not there are any particular error/warning messages being logged in your browser's console when you attempt to reference/use the getstream package within the Retool app editor?

Hey there. No there weren't any warnings/errors in the log. In the end we set it up in the backend and are using endpoints, since I wasn't able to find a solution to this.


Hey there! It looks like this particular library isn't compatible with Retool. Each library is handled on a case by case basis which is why you may have found success with other libraries and not this one. Glad you found a workaround!

Ok thank you for letting me know.