How do I use a textinput as an argument for inserting a column to a PostgreSQL db?

Hey everyone!

I have a textinput that is used as an argument for creating a new column in my PostgreSQL db.
My SQL code is:

ADD {{textinput5.value}} INT;

where the textinput value may be something like "eggs". After submitting, I get an error "syntax error at or near "$1"". Not sure what the issue is, I'm very new to Retool.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @kevinTDS! This probably has to do with prepared statements. To interpolate JS into your query you'll need to disable them in your resource's settings.

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Hi @justin! Thanks for the quick reply. I don't have the checkbox for "disable converting queries to prepared statements" in my resource's settings :slightly_frowning_face:

Update: I recreated my db resource and "Disable converting queries to prepared statements
" reappeared. Disabling solved my issue. Thanks @justin!

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Any time @kevinTDS :slight_smile: