How do I write a SQL UPDATE with dynamic columns

Hi all!
I was wondering how I can change the value of a dynamic value (the column is chosen through user input).
As an example, I built a form with three input values.

  1. textinput1.value (Integer)
  2. select1.value (String)
  3. select2.value (String)

select2.value is used as an identifier (select a row). textinput1.value is the integer value I want to change in the column named as select1.value.

I've written the query as followed:

UPDATE table
SET {{ select1.value }} = {{ parseInt(textinput1.value) }}
WHERE agendaNaam = {{ select2.value }}

But then I get the following error:

You can clearly see the problem are the quotation marks in the select1.value.
So I've tried to overcome it with javascript but the code is not working:

select2.value.replace( /'/g, '' )

Is there any other way to fix this?
Thanks in advance,


Hello! Thank you for the question! The reason dynamic column names aren’t supported is because we convert your SQL statement into a prepared statement to prevent SQL injection:

If you want, you can turn off prepared statements in the resources section. But that would expose you to potential SQL injection attacks from the end-users of your apps. LMK if that makes sense? Thanks!