How do I update a table's data for all public viewers in the app?

I shared a CRUD app (using gsheet as database), but when a user modifies a table data I don't know how to trigger the update (query) for all app viewers. Thanks

Retool doesn't currently support triggering queries externally, to my knowledge the best thing to do here would be to have the query that updates the table for each viewer run periodically to check the gsheet for any updates.

Would that work for you?

Thanks for the answer. I will partially use your suggestion. The problem with updating continuously is that at some point someone who is filling in a field may lose the information because the cuery will update all the fields. So, what I did is create a second tab that will have a cell called "flag" that will be monitored with a query from that tab every 5 seconds. When a user changes something in the worksheet I will set the flag to "1". In this way, whenever the flag is one, a "refresh" button will appear for the user, indicating that the table has been modified. He will have to press the button to update. Thank you!