How do I read the response of a restapi query to trigger an additional query?

Querying a Notion database with a post request to the restapi endpoint to get the results of a Notion database. The request has a max page size of 100 pages, and the db has more than 100 pages. The response has a boolean value "has_more," which indicates if the response includes the end of the list of results (true if it does not include the end, false if it does). It also responds with a next_cursor string when has_more is true, which can be passed as the start_cursor parameter to the same endpoint to receive the next 100 (or however many are left if <100) results from that database.

What I'm unsure how to do is set the query to trigger itself on success IF has_more is true, and pass in the value of next_cursor as start_cursor.

Hey @Jake29! I've got an example written up here for Airtable which should be pretty relevant!