How do I prevent a user from deleting notes in the Note component?

Is there a way to disable the ability for a user to delete notes created in the note component? (e.g. remove the little red "x" next to the note)

Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 6.57.32 PM

Hi @rogamorris!

Kind of. I have a very hacky, semi-functional workaround for you that would hide the delete button for everyone—Custom CSS.

You can add it in the three dot menu > Scripts and styles > CSS.

The first selector is for the Note component in the editor and the second selector is for the Note component in preview. Let me know how this works for you! :blush:

#retool-widget-note1 svg, ._retool-NoteWidget svg {
display: none;


Yep, that worked, thank you!