How do I access the filtered data of a table

You can access the entire data a table component is displaying through the data property. But I haven’t found a way to query the data after any user-defined filters on the table have been applied. Possible?

Hey @artman and welcome to the community! Right now there’s no direct way to reference something like table1.filteredData. One thing that might work though - you can reference the displayed table results with table1.displayedData - this will return whatever data is currently displayed in table1.

I built a quick example in the video below: the first table’s data is {{ }} and the second (lower) table’s data is {{ table1.displayedData }}. You can see that when I update the filters on table1, those changes carry through to table2 below.

Let me know if this helps!

Thanks, but I really needed to access the entire filtered content of the table. Something for the backlog I guess :wink:

These filters operate client side, so the displayed results are the entire filtered content. To filter your entire data set you’d need to do it server side / with a query.