How do I access the filtered data of a table

I think I've figured it out - I knew I must be doing something wrong, it's a promise!

So if I console.log(table1.getDisplayedData()) it shows {} in the console
If I create a function that assigns a variable to table1.getDisplayedData() and console.log it, it's also {}.
Same problem if I'm running a function where I'm used getDisplayData as an argument, it fails because it's receiving a {}
If I await table1.getDisplayedData(), however, it works.

Perhaps the example works using the dummy data in the table because there's a small number of rows and the timing is not noticeable. Using 600 rows (as I am) means I have to await the response.

My solution is this:
let filtered_data = await table.getDisplayedData();

Thanks for the nudge @Tess I knew there must be something I was missing.


Ah ha! That explains it. It wasn't obvious it was a promise.

Ah, right! Thanks so much for posting this, @dcartlidge!

And thanks all for the feedback -- will see if we can get some tooltip or linting to make this more prevalent

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Genius, thank you!

I am trying to use this function to update a chart to reflect the filtered data set after letting the user filter by date range. I tried putting table1.getDisplayedData() into the data source, but it does not recognize the function. Any recommendations here?

Hi @ppperkins You'll want to use getDisplayedData in a Javascript query or event handler.

One way to solve this would be to have a variable as your chart's data source. The variable can be set to the table's data property by default. Then, that variable gets updated (using setValue()) with the displayedData after the user filters the data

Thank you for the help, Tess.

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Amazing feature! It works perfectly on my side, now I won't have to maintain a parallel filtering function anymore :slight_smile:
Many thanks

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