How can I make a date range for a table?

Hi I'm would like to ask for help on how I could make a date range as a column type for the table?

Do you mean you would like people to be able to choose from a date range to fill in the value of a column in the table?

Actually I was thinking of a making a workaround for the date column type into a date range if it is possible, however your idea is also interesting and I would like to know how you can achieve it.

Can you explain more about your overall problem? Are you using a table to display data from a resource or are you trying to use the table to allow users to enter content into a resource?

actually both the table I'm is an admin panel where I can show data from the database as well as enabling admins to enter updates into the database via the admin panel


If you are looking to allow users to enter data directly into the table (vs. giving them a form that adds the data) I don't think you will have the ability to provide a date range field type inside the table editing UX.

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Thanks for the info! Btw I know I made a topic about this here in the forums but I would like to ask if you also know how to query a search filter using a text input for firestore in retool?

Hi @Nur_Azril_Onkassim! It looks like Victoria helped solve that question :blush: Let us know if you're still working on it though