How can I delete my Retool account?

I created a Retool account with my email address and told my company to give me access to their projects. Now they cannot invite me as a user because my email is already registered on Retool. So I want to delete my retool account so that my company's retool account can set me up as a user. But I can't find a link to delete my account. How can I delete my account? My email is []

@amitnag ask your company to set you as a user as

Hello! You could do what Scott mentioned, but I can also archive your account on my side (I'm a Support Engineer at Retool), and then they can invite you. I'll go ahead and do that for you and if you'd like to make any additional changes, you can just write into support via the chat in the bottom right of your app. Thank you!

@jSims, Thank You. Much appreciated. Please go ahead and archive my account.

Done! Please, let me know if you run into any problems or have any other questions.

Hi I just ran into the same problem stated above. My company asked me to affiliate myself with retool and their company. So I went ahead and use my company‘s email address of mine to create an account however when they then told me that they were going to set me up with the account it said that I could not be added to there page. I’m looking to delete my account so my company can add me.

Hello! Can you also write into support with this issue via the chat icon in the bottom right or write an email to We're happy to help you with this issue!

Hey guys!
I've just sent a ticket to your support email address, can you please check it?
I also want to delete my account so my company can invite me to our new account with business plan

Hey @Stan! I just went ahead and archived your org, and replied to your thread with our Support email :blush: Let me know if you hit any snags!