Horizontal lists and/or horizontal key/Value map

How can I make the ListView to be horizontal instead fo verticall?

Alternativly, how can I make a keyValue map to be read horizontally instad of vertically?



Hey there @oehc123 and welcome to the community! Can you elaborate a bit more on what you mean? What are you building in Retool?

I am building a list of users that is editable,
and I would like it to look horizontally instead fo vertically.

I am using a listView to show the properties of each users. but by default they show in a vertical scrolling position. I would like it to be on a horizontal scrollable position

Gotcha, interesting request. I’ll make sure the team sees this!

+1 on a horizontal version of the ListView (columns orientation vs row orientation).

Would like to build an app where I user can select a number of objects and compare their attributes, and would like each object horizontally wi the attributed vertically below them. A horizontal ListView would allow me to build it so there can be an arbitrary number of comparisons.

Any update on this topic? ListViews feels very limited design-wise.


Any update on a horizontal list view? this would be very helpful

something like this https://codepen.io/Dewiidar/pen/jJJGrW

Thanks for checking in and sharing this example! Unfortunately, I don't have an eta yet, but we do have a feature request in our queue for this. I'll post here when I get updates internally

Hi all, you can create a horizontally scrolling list view now :sunglasses:

Is there a way to lengthen/extend the horizontal view in Retool and use a scroll so that you can have an arbitrarily wide app or a way to view every item in your list on the same page? I'm trying to create something that has many single columns, and I want to be able scroll across to see more elements rather than use a page navigation component to move to the next set.

@kyle_vella_user We'd probably need to set that up within a component. Does the scrollable horizontal list view work for your case?

What is the maximum amount of columns? How do you want to display the columns (is it just text? or images? etc)