Help! Need bulk-information edit help

I am 1 week into starting a job with a advisor-business matching platform much like Tinder. The company has to join, and then list their needs for help and then retool is supposed to match them with an advisor that is an expert in that area.

As I comb through the data, I realize that with a database of over 1000+ people, it is going to take me years to be able to find out a) who has not completed their profile b) who has been matched (either the company or the advisor) and one party didn't respond c) who did get matched and who did make a connection.

Above is an image for the incomplete profiles, and then for the ventures/companies being matched but no one responding.

My questions are- is there a way I can do this in a bulk data download so I can look for the gaps & inefficacies and then make a strategy to fix? Or do I have to click on all 1000 entry points and make notes on each and every single one ?? Please help!

Do you have access to query library or app edit privileges? From the screenshots it looks as if the table toolbar is not active which has both download and filter features.

Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 8.46.38 AM

Hey there- I have asked the tech team on our side and they claim that this is a specific column that would need to be added, and they don't know if it can be. Any assistance that I can share with them would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @Emily_Baadsvik, welcome to the forum! :wave:

Congrats on the new job! :confetti_ball:

I am also curious to know, is your company an end user of this Retool application, or do you have edit access? This will be crucial in order to be able to write new queries and create new components on the app, to do all of the things you mentioned.

For example, to solve a, we can use the "Toolbar Buttons" as @matth mentioned, or we can create a Resource query and query the database using SQL:
SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE profile_status != 'Complete'

We can then connect the output of that query to your current table or a new one, and display only the filtered rows.

Similarly, we can create new queries and table components to solve 'b' and 'c.'
Here is a SQL Cheatsheet that can help getting you started.

If you don't have edit access, you may want to contact the admin of the Retool app you are working with.