Help! Access value of a component within a container

Hi all, would appreciate some help. Apologies for non-technical language used, newbie with Retool.
I need to access the value of a NumberInput located in a Container in order to set the value of another NumberInput.
Tried a lot of combinations such as {{container1.numberinput1.value}} etc... no success

As a last resort i wrote a javascript query code that makes an output equal to that numberinput1 and i can access it as {{}} . But it seems overkill for such a simple problem.
Interesting to note that within the query i can reference that NumberInput just as (numberinput1.value) without referencing the container. Maybe my Container settings are missing something to make it possible?

Welcome to the forum! Can you share a screen shot with more details?
I am not seeing an issue with accessing it directly:

Yes, you can access components directly with

{{ numberInput1.value }} // returns the current value of the component

{{ numberInput2.setValue(numberInput1.value) }} // set the value of numberInput2 to be the current value of numberInput1