Google Sheets Permission Error (Multiple Environments Enabled)


We are using Retool Cloud.

We have the beta "environments" feature enabled, and we have 4 environments: 1 Production for ourselves, one Staging for ourselves, and two Production for clients.

I've created a new Google Sheets resource and authorized it. The setup has worked in our Production Retool environment and I'm able to query data as expected:

However, it's not working in our other environments. For instance, when I click the "Connect to Google Sheets" button in the Staging environment tab, I go through the Google authorization flow but the changes do not stick. When I refresh Retool it continues to ask me to "Connect to Google Sheets".

This then leads to a permission error when I attempt to perform any query with the Google Sheets resource:

This effectively makes the Google Sheets resource work only for the Production environment, which is a problem because we do our Retool development against Staging (in order to preserve Production data integrity).

I'm curious if this is a known issue, and if so if there is a fix in the pipeline and/or if there are any known workarounds?


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Hi @crhayes! Thanks for bringing this to our attention! This is definitely some strange behavior and reproducible on our side. Our eng team has been notified about this, and we've added this thread to the report to be notified on a fix! Thanks for your patience :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @crhayes! It looks like our team has recently pushed a fix for this. Hope you're able to see the changes reflected on your end. Happy building in Retool :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @Kenny - we're seeing the same (or at least a very similar) issue on our end.

When trying to connect a non-production environment to a Google Sheets resource, it continues display the "Not completed yet. Click to connect to your Google Sheets account." message. This persists even after clicking through to connect an account.

This morning we upgraded to the latest Retool version (2.92.11), but it seems this fix didn't make it in. I've verified that the issue still persists on our end. Do you have an estimate on when we can expect to get this bugfix?

Hi @nasal, there's a recent version 2.93.9 that was release on 2022-06-24 that should have fixed this. Could you try updating to the more recent version? Let me know if you're still blocked after the update :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Kenny, I confirmed this fix is working on my end. Thanks for the update!

Confirmed new version works for me to - thanks!