Google sheet - read data range for specific row

Hello All!

I'm using Append data to a spreadsheet method from Google Sheet resource to add row to a spreadsheet. It's possible to add row but without updating some fields (for example if you keep cursor in a spreadsheet in formula bar in one of the cells of new row). My goal is to verify if all data was added correctly.

Append method returns property - data.updates.updatedRange which points to a range in A1 notation. I want to use this range to read data from spreadsheet and verify if all necessary fields are updated. The problem is that I can't get any results if the first row of the spreadsheet is not included in range definition and I can't find a way to bypass that limitation.

I've tried to use range like this:

It selects cells in spreadsheet but doesn't work with Retool.

Similar case is described in this stackoverflow topic:

Could you please suggest how my issue can be solved?

Hey @heynoway! I think this should be possible, actually. Would indo sharing a screenshot of your current setup, as well as any errors you’re running into? Thank you :pray:

Hey @victoria

I was able to read single row from GSheet using limit and offset option but it doesn't work for A1 notation. From my perspective A1 notation can be used to read only "rectangle" range that contains headers row.

I think I will not need it in my app after all so it's not a problem for me right now.

Oh awesome, glad you’re unblocked for now. I’ll file this as a feature request anyway, thank you for writing in about this :pray:

Update! Thanks to your feedback, we now surface this limitation (Google Sheets only returns the first 26 columns by default) in the UI :slight_smile: If you don't see it in your app yet, check back in a couple days after our next Cloud deploy.