Google Calendar (and other calendars) integration

Working with calendar feeds is super complex and challenging. It would be awesome if Retool could natively support Google Calendar APIs similar to


Keen for this. @galenking curious if you've found any workarounds? Cheers!

Yes, I just used the Google Calendar API—turns out it was way easier than I’d expected and Nylas wasn’t needed.

Do you have docs on how to do this? Would love to see how you made this happen. Thanks!

Hi @mspringer! I'd be happy to help get you spun up here. Here's an example resource connecting to the Google Calendar API, where the green underlines highlight the required fields:

On the Google side, you'll need to

1. paste your Client ID and Client secret from Google to Retool

2. paste your Retool OAuth callback URL (provided in the Retool resource page) into Google's Authorized redirect URI field

Let me know if you run into any specific errors :slight_smile: