Give mapped item scope to Appearance section of a list collection

In list collections, it would be awesome to be able to access the "item" scope in the Appearance section. I understand this may not work with how you format these components, but if it was possible, the feature would allow us to give a unique style or visibility to each item depending on its contents, for example, Id like to elevate items with the status of "urgent", but everything else be flat.

Filed as an internal feature request - thank you! :raised_hands:

FWIW: item already works in the Appearance section! If you use a Custom Collection component (which has a more robust Appearance section), you can set custom logic inside the fx section.

This means creating an elevated card dynamically should currently be possible!

Another example:


oh wow that's way better all around! Thank you for that!

Of course! Happy to hear that works for you :blush: :raised_hands: