Conditionally set a color of an action in link lists

Hi Team. I must create a list of status icons in row, each one as a link. Link list is ok to arrange the icons, but i need to color the icons depending on the type of alarm. The object might expose a {{ item }} object using the "Actions" objects, to be used in the object configuration

Hello @jcmarcano!

I just played around with a linked list and it seems that the only way to color them is manually which is tedious.

Are you using Mapped Mode to dynamically generate the items in the link list and want to access the mapped value and have added functionality for adding in color/styling based on the value in the {{item}} ?

Hi Jack,

Yes, there are mapped items from a query, but {{item}} is not able to be used in the Active Link color

Ok good to know, just made the feature request for adding styling and accessing the iteration item for a linked list! Will keep you updated on anything I hear!

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