Getting all data from multiple pages from Hubspot

I'm trying to return all deal properties from hubspot using their API. Currently I'm just getting the first page of old data, all the newer data is on other pages.

I found this link on Returning all results for a cursor-based paginated API and added the offset recursive fetch and call that recursive fetch in the data query but it's not working as I expect (still getting only page 1).

When I open dev tools and run the query I get a success script I set up that says it worked, but the correct data is not returned, and the network tab in dev tools never pulls from hubspot so its tough to trouble shoot.

Here is how I have the offset JS set up:

And here is the data query using the offset (offset_test):

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

You can disregard this post, hubspot actually uses 'after' as the query param not offset, looks like its working now