Get a response from the NFC reader


I try to create a mobile app that can scan NFC cards that contain a Mifare code. I tried this with an external app and the cards work fine.

When I try it with the NFC reader component, I first get the message "Ready to scan" followed by "NFC tag read" when I scan the card. However, I cannot find any result.

If I check the properties data and rawData for the component, I notice that they are empty at all times. I am using the retool mobile app launcher 2.110.0

Am I missing some properties? Or do I need to configure something on my phone?


Hi @Frederik! Thanks for reaching out. I am seeing the same thing :thinking: I will check on this internally & follow up


I was able to solve the issue. The property rawData seems to be empty.

However: contains the correct value which solves my problem.

Ah good! Thanks for letting us know :blush: