Geolocation and alert

I have 2 locations name them as A and B.

A is fixed location(fixed lat and long) and B location is constantly updating as it is moving.

I want to send the email to a user when location B which is moving comes within the radius of 5 km of location A.

How to build something like this in Retool?

Hey @Jiban_04! The best way to watch for live data changes in Retool is actually through Workflows!

Workflows are a new part of the Retool product and are still in Beta, but they sound like they might be what you're looking for.

Here's the page to sign up for beta access and here's an unlisted doc page on what workflows are!

Otherwise, Retool apps can't watch for changes and can only run queries (e.g a query to send an email) when the app is open.