Geo Location filtering

He everyone.
just wanting to check if this is even possible with retool before I make the move over from bubble.
Im needing to build an app that lists all of our clients that require visits that day.
I would then like to filter that list based on the current location of the user so that the closest client shows at the top of the list.
This of course would need to be auto updating every minute of so.
lots of clients and staff only on site for a few minutes at a time. Think courier or security patrols type business.
any input would be great.
we do have this working on bubble at the moment but you know the deal over there and its becoming unviable.


Yeah, this is possible.

The utils.getCurrentPosition() API allows you to get the device's current geocoordinates. Combine that with a backend query that re-runs on an interval and you'll have what you want.

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