GCS file adding problem

When I click the preview of the resource for uploading the image to GCS, there is an error message "Cannot read properties of null (reading 'contentType')". The screenshot is as follows:

And when I click run of the resource for uploading the image to GCS, there is an error message "Upload2Firestrage: Cannot use Access level with a Uniform Access Level bucket. Please remove Access level from your upload query."

Does anyone encounter this problem before?

Hi there @cekhwang !

I'll gladly assist you with this!

Taking a look at the screenshot, I was just curious about what you were indexing in firebase.filepicker.files, sometimes you're using a string 0 and then you're using the integer 0. Should they be consistent for your file setup? Or is that intentional?

For the second error, this error occurs from trying to include an Access Level on a file upload to a bucket that uses Uniform Access Control. Does leaving the file blank lead to a successful upload?

Hi there @DanBlonc !

I got the same problem and when I upload a "blank" file it leads to a successfull upload, but when I place any kind of info in "Upload data" it says "Cannot read properties of null (reading 'contentType')"

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I'm also having this exact same issue.

Hi all,

Hm, would using custom values to set the content type work here?

I am experiencing the same issue, even when manually specifying the content type.

There are many community support pages referencing this problem, but I've yet to uncover a solution.

Update: I have found that this error surfaces only when using the Preview button. If you click the Run button, it succeeds.

So this is clearly a bug.

Hey folks!

Certainly odd behavior here. Some more questions for extra context as it doesn't look like we've been able to reproduce this particular instance yet:

  1. Are you seeing the files upload properly when clicking "Run"? What about "Preview" (even though the query fails)?
  2. Is this happening consistently across files of different types?
  3. Is there any additional messaging in the network tab of your browser's dev tools?
  4. Finally, is this new behavior? And if so when did it start?

To expand on that last question - I know this thread is old but I just want to pull things apart a bit in case we're seeing the same symptom show up for different reasons.

I think I've might have hit the same problem in the workflow I'm building.

If I set the upload data to null it goes trough, so I'm not sure if the problem is with contentType setting?

Hi @Gasper_Anderle, interesting error. :face_with_monocle:
The play button is for a test run, similar to "Preview" in a "Resource query". As @cl_josh pointed, I would like to know if it does work once we run it outside of testing.

Hey @Gasper_Anderle,

I recreated the request we are making on my end, I had no issues adding the doc to my Google Cloud Storage Bucket. I hid private info on the following screenshot, but one thing to notice is:

When I get the .docx file from the response of my API, I have the "base64Data" property inside of "data", which leads me to believe that instead of the .docx file, you are just getting the url for it, as text. My guess is that when we are running the workflow, {{ callAPI.data.message.base64Data }} is evaluating to 'undefined' (callAPI.data.message is a string, no .base64Data property to key into). This is probably leading to issues when it tries to upload 'undefined' to your bucket, hence the error message you are seeing.

Could you hover over the value of "Upload data" in your workflow, and show us what {{ callAPI.data.message.base64Data }} is evaluating to?

Does it look something like this?

Let us know if you have any questions! :slightly_smiling_face: