Format JSON Page Export


I'm using the page "Export to JSON" feature, I was wondering if there is a way to format it properly.
What I tried :

  • Unescape it
  • Format it

But, as you can see on the screenshot above, there are still some characters, syntax that make the JSON invalid.
Is there a way to turn it into a formatted/prettified JSON ? Or another structure that can be formatted/prettified ?

Thanks a lot !

Hey @Laurent :wave: Thanks for reaching out! Would you mind sharing a little bit more context on your use case for this formatted JSON?

I'm trying to do the same - I want to view the JSON so I can find all the places where I use certain things. I need to make some fundamental adjustments, but to do this I need to see ALL locations where things are used - and the only way I can do that with confidence is in the JSON export.

Can you please share with us a way to view this? I've tried various methods, and none of them result in the prettified version I'm expecting.

Hey Bon! I've been asking around internally to see if we have any known ways of prettifying app JSONs and it doesn't look like we do at the moment. Are there any particular formats or use cases you're looking for? I found a few external sites that definitely look a bit better than the raw JSON, e.g. or or plenty others!