Adding new row error

Hey all

I just switched databases and converted my add query, but it suddenly gives off an error, to do with the ID. The data comes from a form.

The preview does show me the what the changes would be.

I don't see what would the error be, as it has to do with the ID. I have other add query's that don't seem to be affected and look similar to this one.

I am happy to provide more information if needed.


Based on the error, there is a column called ID in your vendors table that a value must be provided when inserting. This to me indicate that the ID is not auto increment value, so you must provide during insert. The insert is only inserting 3 columns: vendor_name, vendor_contact, vendor_website. Since ID is not provided, you're getting the error as ID is setup to not allow null value.

I see that the problem lies in the database and looked at similar topics here. I use the Postgresql database that comes with retool. Changing the default value however gives this error :confused:

I haven't use Retool's database feature that much. Are there any data in those tables? if there is no data, the quickest fix to remove where customer_id is being referenced, make your changes, then add customer_id back to those tables reference this column.