Forcing Tag Column Selection Sequence

I am attempting to build a flow within my Retool app using a PostgreSQL table with editable columns.

I want to set up a flow so that users can change the value of a "Status" column, I currently present these options in a "Tag (Dropdown)" Column type which allows the user to select any option at any point in the process, although I want to force the users to select the Status columns in a specified sequence.

For example when a record is created the "Status" Is set to "Created", then when a change occurs the user can change the status to "Proccessing" but has no other options than that, the next "Status" option may be "Cleared" then the final option is "Complete".

Would there be any way to force this interaction in a UX friendly way?

Thank You!

I'm not sure if it can be easily done with a Tag (Dropdown) column. That particular column type has never made any sense to me in the way that it works.

I think it could be done pretty easily with a standard Select component though. Just set the hidden option based on the current value. Something like:

Hi @OwainB

Does this work for you?