Firestore `in` queries

Last year Firestore introduced support for IN queries: here's the announcement, and here is their documentation.

At the same time as in queries Google also introduced array-contains-any. Our company has had a need for in queries in Retool, not yet for array-contains-any, but I could definitely imagine we will in the future.

The use-case in which we'd like to use in queries: we'd like to list all documents in a Reports collection where the document's state field is set to READY FOR PROCESSING or to READY FOR REVIEW (= needs our attention). The Firestore query in JavaScript would be .where("state", "in", ["READY FOR PROCESSING", "READY FOR REVIEW"]).

If the list of states is static (hard-coded) a workaround in Retool is to have separate queries and combine them in tables with That's unpleasant because we need to maintain N practically-identical queries for N states to follow. In addition, I'm not aware of any available workaround for when the list of states is dynamically generated.

We'd appreciate support for Firestore's in queries in Retool!

Hey @rjh and welcome to the community! I’ll put this down and share with the team.

Update for the topic - you can now use in, array-contains-in, and array-contains-any queries with Firebase in Retool!