Firestore "Get Document by ID" query success but is null


I’m trying Retool for creating firestore admin panel. When I use “Get Document by ID” to fetch document from a collection, the query was successfully finished but was null.
I could use when I use “Query Firestore” for same collection.

How can I access the data fetched with “Get Document by ID” query ?

The attachment is screenshot of the query and the result.

Hi @nakamura! When you “preview” the query with the blue “play” arrow here, it won’t update the .data property of the query itself. Can you try triggering the query with another component (I.e. a button), or another query?

We’re working on clarifying that workflow now, and making it easier to preview vs run a query now!

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Hi @alex-w !
Thank for your reply. I have tried to trigger the query with “On click” of a Button, then it successfully worked.
Thank you very much for your advice :pray: