Client-wide OAuth2 id token?

I have a number of custom app server endpoints that I want to protect with an oauth id token. In concept, the user would login through, say, Google Auth. Then this id (or access) token would be sent in a header when calling my endpoints. I can't quite figure out how to do this as it looks like everything is resource-based and it's not really desirable to have to authenticate individually with 10 different endpoints. In summary:

User logs into Retool app through OAuth2 workflow.
This generates an id token that is available to resources.
I add this token to each of my REST requests.

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I'm keen to have this supported, too. Our users log in to Retool via Google, and I'd love to re-use that access token in subsequent requests to the Google API for my apps

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It sounds like this Enterprise feature is what you're looking for: Configure SSO with OIDC authentication | Retool Docs