Firebase firestore excess reads


I have noticed that in the past 3 days there have been hundreds of thousands of mystery reads on our Firestore database. I've confirmed that it's down to a third party tool by disabling the service account ids in Firebase and seeing the read volume drop instantly (see below for example).

I expect that this has been caused by Retool, but i'm slightly puzzled as Retool has not done this in the past, and also I assumed that it did not run queries in the backend when not opened in the browser.

So my two questions are:

  1. Does Retool every reload data in the background? If so, what are the rules here?
  2. Is there a way I can check logs for a given time period to see Retool's background activity?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @HorizonApp thanks for your patience -- I'm inquiring internally about the answers to your 2 questions.

Hi @HorizonApp, are you using our Beta Workflows feature by any chance?

Hi there, thanks for getting back.

We're not using that feature, no.

If you can't find a root cause then potentially these reads were coming from another source, so no worries.

I was interested to see if there are any logs we can see for those time periods?

Hey @HorizonApp!

Retool's audit logs may be one solution to let you inspect what queries are being run. If you're running Retool on-premise you might also be able to check your container logs for those periods for any errant behavior.

Otherwise, if you're still seeing this issue and are convinced the calls are coming from Retool feel free to write to us through Retool itself and we can take a closer look at things!